The Harlem Plug


This book took a lot for me to read. I wanted to put it down within the 1st 2 chapters, however, my respect for books and authors guided me through.  

The author (Harlem Holiday) gave a lot of information about drug dealers, locations in Harlem, and references. I like to see references in books for information that I might not know but the way Harlem incorporated them was a bit messy. The consistency was not there and most times did not sit well within the context of the paragraph or chapter. I kind of understand why she put the references in but the arrangement and location of them were, well, just bad.

I can not determine the main point of the book. From my understanding, it was to inform people of who Fritz was, why? I definitely learned about Sheila and felt sorry for everything she had to go through but the book is called The Harlem Plug: The Richard “Fritz” Story?!

I do believe this could have been a wonderful book. I encourage Harlem to take another shot at it. No one is perfect and writing a book is not easy.

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